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Norton 360 & Internet Security with Their Enhanced Versions

After prevailing for years among the top cyber security products, Norton 360 Antivirus, developed by Symantec, got replaced by an advanced version, named Norton Security Premium. The makers preserved the idea of a comprehensive security application of Norton 360, which combined anti-malware solutions plus optimization tools, and further enhanced the protective features to give almost impregnable security in every sphere of the web interaction. In 2014, Symantec replaced Norton 360 antivirus software with Security Premium which offers improved real-time protection against existing and continuously emerging cyber threats —viruses and malware. Antivirus researches conducted through analyzing malware reports sent from Norton products installed on millions of devices help in anticipating new threats and developing robust countermeasures.

Norton 360 Antivirus Support

Norton Security Premium encrypts a user’s cyber address and banking details to ensure safe surfing and online money transactions. The coded data travels in the internet network and gets decoded at a destination. The flawless working on different operating systems is the reason that its single subscription can be used on up to ten devices. The security software notifies a user about risky Android apps before their installation. Furthermore, it blocks infected and dangerous downloads, cleans computer junk and automatically backs up important files. To know more about this ultimate security product call our Norton 360 antivirus phone number. All available Norton antivirus versions perform equally well on PCs, Macs, Androids and iOS devices. To keep computers safe from spyware, exploit kits, ransomware, computer worms, and malware helping applications like downloaders and droppers, Norton security solutions are always considered among the best. In our Norton 360 antivirus support, we explain all advantageous features of Norton Security Premium.

Norton Internet Security Support

Norton also has safety features to protect online reputation of kids and help them teach good online habits. Such features are a part of Norton Security Premium and Norton Family Premier. Another top-rated antivirus product from Symantec is Norton Internet Security which has been supplanted by more advanced Norton Security Deluxe. Its single subscription can be used on 5 different devices. Involving all protective features of Norton Security Premium, it only differs in the number of supported devices, and the lack of backup option and 25 GB of cloud storage. To render antivirus related assistance to UK citizens, we have Norton Internet Security Support UK service. Apart from explaining the features of Security Premium and Deluxe, we provide troubleshooting help to completely remove malware infection and resolve any related error. We provide solutions regarding Norton Internet Security server errors, antivirus installation issues, product usability guidance, uninstallation, and more. Our remote support also includes Norton Internet Security renewal and other versions update and upgrade.